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All Your Stuff in One App.

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Our Approach to Optimal Fitness

SymmetricSplit is an intelligent fitness mobile application. The system takes into account individual variables to personalize the fitness experience for every individual

  • Individual Programming

    We take into account the variables that make up who you are this includes(Goals schedule, Age, Sex, Location, consistency, Recovery, to make sure that the fitness journey is personalized.

  • Phase Potentiation

    SymmetricSplit makes sure to tailor your fitness journey into different stages to help accumulate different goals at different stages.You will keep reaching different levels of fitness.

  • Exercise Selection and Variation

    SymmetricSplit makes sure to apply the right approach to exercise variation you build different attributes related to your goals while keeping you focused on your goals.

  • Exertion Recovery Adaptation

    Exertion is the amount of directed stress to achieve a goal. SymmetricSplit makes sure to recommend the optimal amount of stress and recovery to help achieve your fitness goal.

  • Repair and Rest Periods

    SymmetricSplit makes sure that you are well rested to perform efficiently to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Progressive

    SymmetricSplit makes sure that you attain new height on your fitness journey in whatever activity recommended to you.

  • Specific

    The programs are designed with specificity on what you are trying to achieve the programs are intelligently designed to look at your behavior and respond appropriately to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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